In Red's Shadow

In Reds Shadow: Prologue

The Prestigious Kanto League!

The Kanto Pokemon league is known far and wide. It was the first Pokemon League, and to this day it is the standard to which all other leagues hold themselves. Young aspiring trainers from around the world apply to begin their journey abroad, in the Kanto league, following in the footsteps of Red and setting out with a new partner from Pallet Town.

Only 3 each year are ever chosen for a scholarship to study under Professor Oak in their pokemon Journey. And our story follows 4 adventurers who set out from Pallet town, some of them may be from far away, and some of them are locals to Kanto.

What kind of exciting pokemon will be available this year at Oaks lab? What kind of interesting Trainers will arrive at Oaks lab?


spyropdx spyropdx

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